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The Hob Buying Guide – Choosing the Appliances Perfect for Your Kitchen


This guide will focus on choosing your kitchen hob.


Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen to function efficiently can be quite confusing when trying to find the best ones for you. Once you have decided on the design element of your kitchen, you will then need to consider how you would like your kitchen to function by choosing the appliances perfect for your needs and space. To make it easier, we have an Appliance Guide, for all the ‘need to know’ information and guidance to making the right choice.


The guide:

Ceramic, gas, induction? Everyone is different, and each option provides different features depending on what you need. Which one is best and for you and why?

There are four different types of hobs.  Each with different functions and features depending on what suits you and the way you like to cook. Not only are you able to opt for a certain type of hob, you can also opt for how many zones or burners you need, and you can even have a combination for better cooking variety.


Gas hobs are one of the most traditional and popular choices, usually with a configuration of four or five rings and a manual function that ignites the chosen ring. The design of the hob can be quite tricky to clean in comparison to the smooth surface of an induction or ceramic hob.

Benefits include;

– Heat is visible and evenly distributed

– Easy to control the level of heat

– Offers instant heat and can be turned off immediately


Induction hobs are safe and energy efficient. They work by heating the pan rather than the hob, which means heat is only conducted when in contact with the correct material.

Benefits include;

– Easy to use and control the level of heat

– Highly responsive

– Energy efficient

– Safe

– Easy to clean


Ceramic hobs offer a smart, contemporary design with modern touch controls and an easy to clean, glossy surface, and are often much cheaper than their induction equivalent. The heated area becomes illuminated to indicate the size and position of the heat.

Benefits include;

– Heats quickly

– Sleek and stylish finish

– Easy to clean


Domino hobs are oblong in shape, normally made up of two rings, which are connected to other hobs to make a combination that suits your cooking needs. For example, a double gas burner or Japanese style Teppan Yaki.

Benefits include;

– Flexibility to create a bespoke cooking area

– Provides an extra cooking function to suit your preferred cooking style

– Gives you the best of both if you can’t decide whether to opt for electric or gas

Before installing your chosen hob, make sure you consider the following;

Where your hob will be located? Whether it is on an island or side unit, ensure there is always sufficient space around the hob to take into consideration pan handles etc.

Think about how you cook – how many pots and pans do you typically use and would you prefer to be close to the sink or fridge? It is important for your kitchen flow to work with your cooking style.

Extraction – When planning your kitchen design, do not forget the need for an extractor fan in the cooking area. Please see the guide on Extractor fans.

Safety – Of course any electrical or gas appliance should always be installed and advised by a registered professional. If you have young children, this can also make a difference when choosing your hob. Generally, the safest option would be an induction hob as only the pan is heated rather than the hob surface, therefore avoiding any risk of burns if touching the surface accidently. Also, make sure there is plenty of room around the hob to always ensure a safe distance from the heat.

For more information and advice, contact one of our Roma team!


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