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The Oven Buying Guide – Choosing the Appliances Perfect for Your Kitchen

Cooker or Oven?


Choosing the right oven is a big purchasing decision as it is the most important feature and function in the kitchen. There are so many different styles, functions and options to choose from, where do you start? A good oven should be reliable, efficient and long lasting. Here is everything you need to know in our useful oven-buying guide.

Firstly, there are two main types to consider; oven or cooker.


Cookers are of a more traditional design, generally featuring a hob, oven and a choice of grill. Cookers are available as electric, gas or a combination of both, and some feature a storage or warming drawer, as well as a lid to cover the hob when not in use. Freestanding cookers offer great value for money as they are available in a wide range of styles, and as they are unattached, if you move house you are able to take the oven with you. Freestanding cookers come in three standard widths: 60cm, 55cm and 50cm. Most are about 80cm tall and 60-65cm deep, so they should sit flush with your work counters.


Ovens are built-in cooking units, offering flexibility depending on your cooking needs and kitchen space. Built-in ovens are integrated neatly within your kitchen cabinets either at eye-level or underneath your countertop, depending on what works best for you. They are available as either single or double, again depending on how you cook, and what you need.

Gas or Electric

Once you have decided which type of oven you would like, you then have to decide the type of energy supply, gas or electric. Gas ovens provide a fast and responsive heat, generally at a lower cost, with a ‘layered’ heat supply. The heat rises distributing varying temperatures across the separate levels of the oven, which is great if you want to cook various dishes at the same time according to different levels of heat.

Electric ovens are typically fan assisted meaning they achieve an evenly distributed heat throughout the oven.  Electric ovens tend to cook food quickly, more efficiently and pre-heating is generally unnecessary.


In the summary, the key aspects to consider when choosing your oven are; capacity, cleaning, functions, fitting and features. Choosing the size of your oven will depend on your lifestyle and cooking style. For example, you may have a big family or like to host frequent dinner parties, therefore a larger sized oven will be more beneficial. Oven capacity is measured in litres, so make sure you consider the size you require both inside and out, and always check the measurements of the oven and the space you have available to ensure the best fit.

There are also many additional features to consider depending on what you require, such as steam cooking, compact sizes and slide away doors. Thanks to innovative technologies, you can even choose an oven that has a self-cleaning function, like the NEFF Pyrolytic Oven, as well as so many more extra features to allow your cooking experience to be more efficient and enjoyable. Other functions include full surface grill, bottom heat, low temperature cooking, plate warming and circo roasting to name just a few. Visit the NEFF oven range for high quality and highly innovative appliances.


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