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Choosing the Right Sink for Your Kitchen – The Sink Buying Guide

The Right Kitchen Sink.


Choosing the right sink for your kitchen can be a difficult task if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for or what you need.

The kitchen sink is a fundamental element of your kitchen and they come in a range of different sizes, shapes and materials. There is much more to a kitchen sink than you may think, so it is important to take the time to find which one suits your lifestyle best in terms of both design and functionality.

So what are the three key elements to consider when shopping for your sink? Material, Fit and Style.


The three main materials are Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Composite.

Stainless Steel is a common choice for most kitchens as it is hardwearing, highly durable, easy to clean, heat resistant and one of the most hygienic. The material is non-porous; meaning once wiped clean there will be no residue left.

Ceramic is versatile suiting both contemporary and traditional homes. Available in a range of colours and either glazed or matt depending on your style. Ceramic is also heat resistant, easy to clean, lime scale and stain resistant when cared for properly.

Composite is composed of granite and high quality acrylic, compacted in a high density of different particles, which makes it extremely hardwearing and durable. It is also scratch, crack and heat resistant, making it multi-functional as it can withstand hot pots and pans, as well as chopping and preparing. Composite is easy to clean and hygienic, as well as being a stylish feature in your home. Due to the nature of the combination of materials, there can be variations in texture and colour but it typically comes in a darker shade with a matt finish.


There are two main methods when it comes to installation – inset or undermounted.

Inset sinks are inserted from above into a prepared space in your worktop, overlapping the edges. Some people prefer the sink to sit flush with the space which can be fairly expensive. If that is the style you want but may not have the budget, this can be achieved with BLANCO’s award-winning IF flat edge technology, allowing your sink to sit almost completely flush with the worktop.

Undermounted sinks are simply mounted underneath the worktop with no exposed edge offering a sleek, minimalist design, with no disruption to the flow of the worktop. This fit works well with the farmhouse sink to achieve a stylish design feature as the front of the sink is completely exposed.


The style and configuration of your kitchen sink completely depends on your lifestyle, usage and needs. The standard configuration most people opt for would be a large sink with a draining board area. However, depending on how you cook, how big your household is and what your preferences are, there are many different options to consider, with plenty of designs to cater exactly for that. You may prefer two separate sinks, of equal size, different sizes, three basins, square, round or with draining compartments. You may like to prepare food in one sink whilst washing in the other for example. The many designs available allows for full flexibility and the luxury to choose what suits you and your kitchen best.


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