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Choosing the Right Taps for Your Kitchen – The Tap Buying Guide

The Right Kitchen Taps.


Choosing your kitchen taps, though mostly practical and functional, can also be a key design feature, adding the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. Whether your preference is a traditional style or a slightly more modern model with innovative functions and features, there is a wide range of taps in a variety of shapes, styles, finishes and colours, and we want to help you find the perfect one for your kitchen. You may not realise this but your tap is one of the busiest features in the kitchen, used on average, 75 times per day for various tasks, from washing your hands to rinsing fruit and vegetables.

For the ultimate performance and optimum flow, it is important to understand your water pressure system and whether your household has a low or high water pressure.

Once you have determined your water pressure, you can then decide on the tap, and there are three main factors to consider; style, function and finish.


Style considers the style of the tap itself as well as the style of your kitchen. There are two main types in terms of kitchen design – contemporary and traditional, and there are taps to suit both, also depending on your sink.

Single Lever – A single lever controlling the flow and temperature of water. Single lever taps are contemporary with a sleek design and simple, minimal structure, easily operated with just one hand so ideal for busy kitchens.

Monobloc – Monobloc taps feature a single spout with temperature and water controlled by separate handles on either side. This design is available in different shapes and styles suiting both traditional and contemporary homes.

Pillar – Pillar taps come in pairs, controlling the temperature and flow with an individual tap for both the hot and cold water supply. Pillar taps have more of a traditional, classic feel, available in different styles and finishes.


In addition to the basic core function of your tap, there are also additional, highly innovative features available, designed to make your time in the kitchen easier and more efficient. Pull-out/Spring neck taps are extendable making cleaning and rinsing much more effective, as these taps tend to feature a spray head. Other additional features include water filters, instant boiling water and touch sensitive functions, all designed for additional ease and efficiency in the kitchen.


In addition to the shiny and traditional chrome or stainless steel finish, some designs are available in a range of different colours and finishes. Matt, brushed and brass effect finishes are becoming increasingly popular for the more contemporary or alternative kitchen. Brass effect taps add an industrial quirk to a traditional or contemporary kitchen, whilst matt taps are often available in a selection of different colours, creating an interesting design feature.

Have a look at our Tap Buying Guide. Or contact our team for further information.


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