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Hidden Storage – The Fascination With Hiding It All Away!

Kitchen Hidden Storage.


Hidden storage – don’t think it just applies to small kitchens and to small kitchens only! Big kitchens are actually worse as most of us think we have enough storage and space that we can afford to buy even more appliances because they are on sale or crockery on the latest colour trend.

Be it big or small, if you find yourself in the situation of not having enough storage, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Roma Interiors, our talented kitchen designers have brought up the idea of hiding everything away. Literally!

  • The perfect couple: the bins and the chopping board;

The waste bin has always had its own place in the cupboard under the sink, but having a hidden chopping board in the same cupboard on top of the bins as well? That’s definitely hiding it all away.

  • The “play time” table (psst, don’t tell your kids you actually use it to prepare the meals on it);

Don’t you just adore your little helpers when they are in the kitchen with you while cooking? No? I thought so! This hidden table does exactly what you want it to do. Without occupying any space, you can offer your kids both of your time and space to be with you.

  • Keep the danger away: a pull-out block of knives next to your chosen area.

A fantastic way of hiding the most dangerous utensils in the kitchen, the knives, is to create a pull-out in a safe place, away from children. The better the location (for example, next to your stove) the safer it is. At the end of the day, you would want your sharp knives be left in the reach of your children.

  • No one will know: the cupboards’ corners which most of the time are fixed and unusable.

We have all been in this situation at least once. Don’t you just hate your cupboards’ corners for having fixed doors or far away storage space? Change the way they are! Create pull-out drawers which instead of trying to reach the pans from the back of the cupboard, you can pull the pan towards you. Just think about it!

And our favourite

  • The spice and everything nice: a sliding panel behind the stove which reveals a hidden storage for your spices.

It’s like hiding a piece of art! Sometimes, the spice fits perfect on the side of your kitchen island or in one of your drawers. But, having an entire display of spices hidden behind a sliding panel fixed behind your stove? The world is yours! You will be in the situation to look at the wall of spices and imagine what would go with what you are cooking. Fantastic!

And we’ve got more!

If you consider none of them can help your kitchen, give us a call on 01233 645530 or contact our team to discuss what other options you might have to hide it all away!


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