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Home Connect – Get your home connected

Get your home connected.

It’s fair to say that most of us probably could not live without our smartphones. Everything from daily communications to travel, work, news, personal banking, even waking up in the morning is all possible thanks to the power of technology from the palm of our hands – what did we do before?!

Home Connect is the first app that is able to control Wi-Fi household appliances from different brands namely Bosch and Siemens, and gives you the power to control your home away from home via your Smartphone or tablet.

Today, nearly everything is controlled by an app or centred around our Smartphones in some way, so it only makes sense that we can manage key times of our day the same way. For example; our morning coffee, dinner time and our weekly food shopping. Home connect brings together the ultimate in innovation and convenience, allowing you to spend valuable time how you want to, whilst having everything under control and running as efficiently as possible at home. So how does it work and can it work for your home?


  • Pre-heat your oven while you’re on your way home from work
  • Schedule your dinner to be ready for a certain time
  • Turn on child safety controls when needed
  • Access a whole library of recipes and cooking tips
  • Save your favourite recipes to your app. The required settings will also automatically save to your oven, providing optimum ease and efficiency when cooking, and ready to go for the next time

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Washing – Clothes and Dishes

  • Flexibility and choice to programme your washing load when you need to
  • Start your machine from the app
  • Receive notification when it is ready for drying
  • Receive notification if your dishwasher needs more rinse aid or tablets
  • Recommended timings and programmes depending on the load


  • Access to storage tips and recommendations to optimise the storage of your food and keep it fresh for as long as possible
  • Interior cameras allow you to have a look inside your fridge while you’re out shopping
  • Adjust temperature remotely if needed
  • Receive notifications if the door has been left open or any other issues
  • Create and save shopping lists and ingredients straight from the recipes available on the app


  • Learn about coffee varieties and specialities from all over the world
  • Schedule your morning coffee from the comfort of your bed
  • Create and save variations and playlists for family and friends

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As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless with the Home Connect. Speak to one of our Roma team if you think you not only want, but need one of these in your home!


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