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Keeping the kitchen clean – 5 Tips to keep your kitchen clean and tidy

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy with minimal fuss.


You’ve finally got your dream kitchen, everything is in place and all the planning was completely worth it, but having a beautiful kitchen takes some hard work and commitment. Alternatively, you can carry out these simple steps to keeping your kitchen clean, and really make the most of your new kitchen by keeping it looking immaculate at all times.

Keep your counters clear

Remove any clutter from your worktops as clutter collects more clutter, as well as dust and other unwanted dirt. Having crowded counters also makes it tricky to clean the surface area effectively so try to keep this to a minimum. If you are someone who has a lot of ‘stuff’, keep it orderly and tided away.

Always wipe down

To keep on top of stains and dirt, always wipe down your counters and stove after cooking to make sure nothing builds up causing any damage or stains you cannot remove.

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Keep things under the sink

Clearing away items such as hand soap, washing up liquid and sponges makes the space look much tidier and clean. Store in plastic or wire containers. If you have the space and your design allows it, also store your bin underneath the sink. If you are planning a new kitchen, under-the-sink storage and hidden storage is definitely something to consider.

Washing and drying up

Another great way to keep your kitchen looking spic and span is to wash, dry up AND put away all your dishes throughout the day and after your last meal. Leaving dishes to pile up not only looks messy but also allows dirt and germs to accumulate.

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Give everything a home

Try and keep everything in its own place and away from the oven or stove to prevent heat damage. This keeps your cooking area orderly and efficient when cooking and clearing away after.

Have some more tips in mind? Share it with us!


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