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Kitchen Showrooms – Kitchen Design and Planning

Kitchen Showrooms.


Kitchen showrooms are one of the most important elements in the kitchen design and planning process. When it comes to planning a new kitchen, there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration in order to achieve your dream kitchen. A kitchen that not only meets your design expectations, but also works for you, successfully creating a space that is both functional and attractive.

A new kitchen is a huge investment – in terms of both time and money. Therefore, it is worth obtaining as much information as possible before making any big decisions.

In addition to gathering ideas of colours, details and finishes, you will also need to consider clever space planning and choosing the right appliances. We have a whole collection of buying guides for everything from choosing your worktop to taps, available in our showroom and on our Roma-Interiors website.

These days we have unlimited information at our finger tips, all we need to know and see at the touch of a button. However, nothing can beat seeing certain things in the flesh, and with big buying decisions such as a new kitchen, it is always worth doing so. Here is a list of reasons why;

    • Information on hand – Kitchen showrooms will always have information on hand, whether that is a catalogue to flick through, an array of finish samples or an expert to simply chat to for some direct advice. Sometimes there are questions that can only be answered by an expert and face to face is the best way.


    • Imagining – Walking around kitchen collections in situ makes visualising much easier. Envisioning how it would fit in your home, with your family is very useful in seeing what works and what may not work. Also helpful when deciding on designs and fit.


    • Possibilities – Walking around a kitchen showroom shows you what is possible and opens up ideas you may not have had before.


    • Potential – Visiting a kitchen showroom shows you the potential for your kitchen design and insights into new ideas, appliances and technology, with professionals on hand to ask questions if needed.


    • Try and buy – It gives you the opportunity to test things out before you buy, see what works and what doesn’t. Open cupboards, test oven doors, visualise what could go where.


Once you have visited a kitchen showroom, you can then really start to visualise how you want your kitchen. Start planning with a visit to our showroom!

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For further information, please contact one of our team at Roma!


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