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Kitchen trends of 2018 so far

As we are now over half way through the year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the most prominent kitchen design trends of 2018 so far.

Smart kitchens

Not only has kitchen design dramatically evolved over the years but so has the functioning of our everyday appliances. Ovens, extractor fans and even sinks have become much more sophisticated in both design and functionality. NEFF products are inspired by how people live and cook, specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern kitchen and lifestyle. For example, The Neff Slide&Hide® oven features a slide-away door to enable flexible cooking and to maximise space.

We can also enjoy fresh, barista style coffee in our own kitchen with the luxury of in-built coffee machines, plus bespoke wine coolers and even boiling water on tap.

kitchen boiling water taps, red kitchen ideas, cooking kitchen, modern kitchen ideas, kent kitchen showroom

Open storage

More traditional kitchens feature kitchen cabinets where everything has its place and is neatly stored away, however open storage / shelving has become increasingly popular as it’s a brilliant way to add that extra bit of character or show off your favourite dining set. Why hide it away when you can put it on display?

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have now become a staple in kitchen design, particularly multi-purpose kitchen islands. Not only does it work well as a central design feature, but it is also great for extra storage, breakfast bars, or helping to achieve a clutter free kitchen buy neatly storing away appliances such as microwaves or smoothie makers.

Wakefield Lava, kitchen island, kitchen island design

This kitchen island features extra storage, open shelving, a small breakfast bar and a sink!


Multiple lighting has also become popular in terms of both functionality and design. Many kitchens will have a central lighting feature, generally above the kitchen island, in addition to extra lighting within or underneath the kitchen cabinets.

Florence Deep Heather and Viridian

The subtle, circular hanging lighting in this kitchen is a great contrast to the dark tones.

Strada Gloss_Graphite and Porcelain

Whilst the minimalism of this design is perfectly balanced with these statement, industrial style hanging lights.

Colour combinations

Two-tone kitchens have also become commonplace, whether that’s two different shades of the same colour or a total contrast.  Using colour combinations adds a personal touch to your kitchen space and it’s an important element in the design aesthetic.

If you are thinking of updating your kitchen, please speak to our team today.


We are committed to supplying you a kitchen designed to fit your lifestyle. To help in the design phase our Inspiration section covers trends, colours and great ideas

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