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Kitchen trends – What’s trending on Pinterest in 2017

Pinterest Kitchen Trends.


Kitchen trends are constantly changing. Whilst some classics remain strong and always will, there is always a new style or fad sweeping the kitchen world, as with any industry.

For many, Pinterest is a first point of call when researching visual ideas or collating a digital scrapbook for their kitchen project. Unless of course you still like the idea of a traditional scrapbook with pages torn out of various magazines to give you ideas and inspiration, or perhaps it is a combination of both.

Pinterest is a powerful guide of what people actually like as opposed to commercial trends or analyses.  Data findings are very interesting as they reflect consumers tastes and interests, identifying recurring themes and searches against ‘pins’ saved by users.

Here are some of the most popular kitchen trends seen in 2017 so far according to Pinterest. These ideas will definitely come in handy whether you are having a minor revamp, for example giving your kitchen walls a fresh lick of paint, or starting from the very beginning.

    • Freestanding hutch – A hutch unit provides a combination of open and closed storage, acting as a sideboard, display cabinet and even a bookcase. This type of unit provides extra storage space and display areas for nice crockery, books, plants or flowers!
    • Good organisation – Clever hacks and new ideas for a well organised kitchen to improve the flow and system of your kitchen.
    • Space saving – Huge interest in re-purposing every day or antique items for DIY organisation and storage purposes. For example, using box files to store cleaning products underneath the sink.
    • Secret storage – Using drawer or cupboard space to store bulky appliances such as toasters, food processors or even microwaves. As well as those awkward baking trays and plastic containers that never seem to stay tidy.
    • Using spare space – Many kitchen designs are now utilising the space left underneath cabinets, and turning it into drawers for extra storage.
    • Organising cutlery – Using creative ways and everyday items to store cutlery and utensils like mason jars, jugs, wire baskets or simple wooden crates.
    • Hanging racks – Used to hang utensils, pots, pans or other awkward items, generally with an industrial or rustic look such as upcycling wooden pallets.
    • Breakfast ‘nooks’ – Usually built in a corner, at the end of an island or a cosy space. These spaces can be as creative as you like, becoming the ‘cool corner’ in the kitchen.

Will your new kitchen feature any of these trends? Please share your ideas with us. We would love you to visit our Pinterest, or for more inspiration take a look at our ideas.


We are committed to supplying you a kitchen designed to fit your lifestyle. To help in the design phase our Inspiration section covers trends, colours and great ideas

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