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Neff Ovens – Re-inventing Traditional Cooking

Re-inventing Traditional Cooking.


Neff successfully understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and their oven designs are hugely inspired by the way people like to cook and live. One of the most important and essential elements in the kitchen is the oven, and in the same way that people enjoy different food and ways of cooking, people will look for different functions from their oven. From this, they have developed functions and features, in addition to the highest level of design, that will improve the cooking experience.

Buying a Neff product should be the start of a long, lasting relationship.  The company prides itself on reminding customers of its approach to an excellent after-sales service through dedicated telephone lines for customer service, replacement spare parts and accessories, and product advice.

Why choose a Neff oven? Neff appliances offer extremely innovative design and functionality, advanced technology, and the highest quality materials. The designs are sleek and stylish, user friendly and there are different models available to suit what you need.

Here are the top 3 functions;


The Neff Slide&Hide® oven is tailored specifically to modern lifestyles and requirements, ensuring an easy and flexible approach to cooking. The design maximizes cooking space and it is also available with Steam functions and Pyrolytic self-cleaning.


The Circo Therm® oven allows simultaneous cooking on multiple levels with absolutely zero intermingling of flavours. Cook, roast and bake all at the same time! This model is highly time effective, efficient and energy saving. The temperature is achieved quicker and more evenly, saving time and energy and pre-heating is not required.


The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature means no more harsh chemicals and cleaning materials that stink out your kitchen for hours. High temperatures of up to 485°C turn any cooking residue into ash, you simply then just wipe away. Simple as that.

Another great thing about Neff ovens is the option to mix and match to create your ideal combination, which are installed to suit your cooking needs and space available. There are also compact appliances available such as steam ovens, microwave ovens and warming drawers. Roma Interiors are proud to be a Neff Master Partner Showroom – visit our showroom for more information and to see the products as they would look and work in your new kitchen.

For more information, contact our Roma team!


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