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No Kitchen Is Complete Without Its Quooker

Quooker Kitchen Taps.


No kitchen is complete without its Quooker! Yes a Quooker, and not the type that first comes to mind upon hearing this word. So what is a Quooker?

A Quooker is the revolutionary Dutch invention giving kitchens across Europe the ultimate wow factor in function and design! This clever appliance instantly dispenses boiling water, featuring a simple and innovative design; the tap sits on the worktop and the tank underneath.  There are four different types of taps and each is available in a choice of eight designs, square or round, in three finishes. All Quooker taps have childproof push and turn handles, turn 360°, insulated and height adjustable.

The Fusion – The newest edition, with cold, hot and boiling water from one tap

Twintaps – boiling water tap with a matching mixer tap

Nordic – boiling water tap from the Twintap series

Single Tap – available in four different designs; basic, classic, design or modern and a single boiling water tap

The tanks are available in different sizes depending on your needs. The PRO-VAQ is available in either 3 litre or 7 litre, while the COMBI offers both boiling and hot water. Each tank features the patented high-vacuum technology and ensures that you always have access to boiling water.

The question is – are Quooker taps better than the conventional taps and boiling methods?

Here are 5 main advantages of choosing a Quooker tap.

  1. Saves Water – Generally, we all overfill the kettle, boiling more water than we actually need which of course uses and wastes more energy. With the Quooker tap, you use the exact amount of water you need without any wastage.
  2. Saves Space – With all the clever appliances on the market, our worktops are becoming more and more overcrowded. Having a boiling water tap will effectively make your kettle surplus to requirements, freeing up valuable space on your surface.
  3. Child Safe – As previously mentioned, all Quooker taps are securely mounted to the worktop, fully insulated and feature childproof push and turn handles, avoiding any accidents happening.
  4. Saves Time – Avoid the time spent waiting for the kettle to boil with instant boiling water immediately available at all times.
  5. Energy Efficient – With Quooker you heat up only the exact amount of water you need and due to its patented high vacuum insulation it only costs 3 pence a day for boiling water whenever you need it. The cost of boiling a kettle is approximately 2.5 pence per boil!

Wanna know more about kitchen taps and kitchen worktops? Don’t wait any longer.

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