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The Refrigeration Buying Guide – Choosing the Appliances Perfect for Your Kitchen

The Right Refrigeration.


As with all appliances in the kitchen, the fridge is one of the most important and it is definitely worth researching the best one for your needs before making a final decision. As well as being a prominent feature in size, your fridge is constantly working. It is operating 24/7 storing a variety of fresh food and other products. With that in mind, the main two points to consider when purchasing a refrigeration appliance are energy efficiency and capacity.

Energy efficiency is classified from A+++ through to D, and fridges/freezers are the second highest users after central heating, therefore it is always worth looking at the most efficient rating as one of the key factors when buying your new fridge. Capacity is measured in litres, and the size needed will largely depend on the size of your household.

It also depends on your budget, cooking style and lifestyle. Do you mostly buy fresh food or frozen? Will you need a fridge/ freezer combination? Do you have a large family? What extra features would benefit you the most?

Firstly, the space you have available will determine what fridge you can have. Once you have determined the size, you can then decide on what style you want, and there are many different styles to choose from.

Freestanding Fridge / Freezer

Freestanding fridges and freezers are completely detached and standalone, so flexible when deciding on placement. Fridges come in all shapes and sizes, with compact options available in some designs, but a standard fridge is approximately 85cm fitting underneath the kitchen counter, and a tall fridge is approximately 130cm fitting in a space alongside your cabinets.


Built-in fridges blend in as though a kitchen cupboard, maintaining the overall design of your kitchen.  Perfect for the minimalist who does not like chunky appliances on display. Your kitchen design is uninterrupted as the cabinet door is attached to the front of the fridge effectively hiding it from view.

American Style

American style fridge freezers are perfect for the larger household, or if you are looking for a bold style statement, as they are much bigger than a standard fridge freezer. Increasingly popular, American-style fridge-freezers are usually wider than standard fridge-freezers, with the typical configuration being side-by-side doors that open in opposite directions from the centre. Most models feature a water and ice dispenser, as well as other useful features and advanced technology such as rapid cooling, food preservation controls and adjustable temperature zones.

Fridge Freezer

Fridge freezers offer a combination of fresh and frozen food storage in a single appliance, with varying configurations and compartments depending on what you need. These are very useful for small homes as you can benefit from both functions in one compact unit.

Wine Cooler

Another type of refrigeration choice but not necessarily an essential (possibly for some?), is a wine cooler. Specifically designed to store wine, capacity varies across the different models and is dependent on your requirements.


The configuration of shelves, compartments and any extra features all depends on your personal preferences and requirements. Refrigeration appliances are consistently evolving, developing useful functions and features to optimize your refrigeration and storage needs.


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