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Tips for a Healthier Kitchen

Simple and useful tips…


As the importance of eating well and a healthier lifestyle continues to grow, recent research and kitchen trends has shown that the ‘wellness kitchen’ is becoming a popular motivation when planning your kitchen design. Creating a kitchen that suits and supports a healthy lifestyle by matching the design to how you actually use it, is also believed to actually encourage healthier eating, making it easier to achieve your goals.

Firstly, you need to think about the appliances you actually use daily, how you flow and what you are doing there – your new layout should accommodate your lifestyle. For example, if you use your smoothie maker every day, keep it in an easily accessible place and not stored away in the cupboard. Or if you use plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, think about installing a large sink to be able to wash it all comfortably, or including an additional smaller, side sink just for draining and washing.

No matter what size your kitchen, there are easy ways to improve your space for a healthier lifestyle.
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Organise your fridge

Instead of keeping your fruit and vegetables in the bottom drawers as most refrigerators are commonly designed, keep them on the middle shelf so they are easily accessible and visible. This will avoid having to throw food away because you forget it’s there!

fridge full of fruits and vegetables, tips for a healthy kitchen, kitchen showroom kent


Fruit bowls

Keep a large bowl of fruit on your counter so it makes it easy to grab and go when you fancy a snack. Also, keep snacks out of sight, and even out of reach by storing them away on high shelves.

colorful fruit bowl, kitchen healthy tips, kitchen showroom kent


Food prep like a pro

Preparing food for the week has become a healthy eating staple for many households today. De-clutter your counters and have a cupboard clear out. Ample counter space is needed when it comes to food preparation, and opting for fresh food rather than food you can store away will make room for anything you don’t need on display.

Kitchen layout

If you are having a whole new kitchen design, the kitchen layout is key. People spend so much time in the kitchen, especially when it comes to weekend food prep, so you don’t want to be stuck in there on your own for hours. An open kitchen layout will allow the family to join you!

Do you have any tips for a healthier kitchen? Please share your tips and ideas with us!


We are committed to supplying you a kitchen designed to fit your lifestyle. To help in the design phase our Inspiration section covers trends, colours and great ideas

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