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Top tips for a mindful kitchen

Nowadays, the kitchen is the most popular place to be when you’re at home, and you may not think it, but it’s also a great place to practice mindfulness. You may think that mindfulness can only take place in a peaceful and calm environment… and certainly not in a busy kitchen. However, there are easy ways to achieve this in your kitchen space.

Here are some simple tips you can apply to encourage a mindful state of mind in the kitchen:

Create a specific place for mindfulness

The first step in having a mindful kitchen is to allow a place in the kitchen where mindfulness and meditation can take place. It can either be a small table, a couch in a corner or whatever suits you best. This space will allow the mind to rest and the body to calm down and relax.

Calming and soothing colours
Pale and warm tones are perfect for creating a calm environment. Opt for pale colours for your kitchen equipment and utensils. Blue is the perfect tone to help with stress and relax the body in such a busy world. For a natural and calming touch, try and pair blue ceramics with warm woods for an effortless and classic finish.

Make sure everything has a place

In order to improve the organization of the kitchen and the mind, find a place for each piece of furniture and utensils. If your kitchen is simple and well ordered, your mind will be too.

Natural and healthy food

A final tip is that a mindful kitchen should also include food that stimulate mindfulness. Try and have fruits and vegetables at your disposal in the kitchen for a good vibe and atmosphere.
Make sure to emphasis on the green colour as it the perfect hue for a peaceful body and mind. This can also be done with plants such as Aloe Vera, which are also thought to purify the air. Caring for plants is also a very satisfying and therapeutic pastime.

For more tips, inspiration and ideas make sure to visit our blog.


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