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The Washing Machine Buying Guide – Choosing the Appliances Perfect for Your Kitchen

The Right Washing Machine.


The washing machine buying guide provides a useful tool when choosing the right washing machine for you and your household. When it comes to buying your staple household appliances, there is plenty to think about, combined with a great deal of variety to choose from, making your decision harder to make. So what are the fundamental factors to know before making that decision? In this guide, we will offer some helpful guidance so you can make an informed choice.

The first decision to make is whether you want a freestanding washing machine or an integrated washing machine. Freestanding washing machines are uncovered and detached whereas a door panel matching the rest of the kitchen design conceals an integrated model, therefore when closed the washing machine is not visible.

Once you have decided on how and where your new washing machine will fit in your kitchen space, here are the top 3 things you need to know when choosing the model.


As well as quality, performance and efficiency, capacity is an important consideration when choosing your washing machine. The size of your household and the number of clothes you wash will determine the capacity required. Drum capacities vary but generally, 10-13kg is best for larger households, 7-9kg drums suit an average household, and 6 or less for smaller homes or individuals.

Programmes and Extra Features

All washing machine models will feature varying spin speed settings, wash programmes and extra features. Higher spin speeds are useful when washing towels and heavy clothing such as jeans, as it successfully removes excess moisture leaving clothes damp rather than soaking. Spin speeds range from 1000 to 1600 rpm. For efficient, everyday washing, a spin speed between 1400 to 1500rpm would be best suited.

In addition to the standard wash cycles, most models provide extra programmes such as quick wash cycles, allergy washes, mixed wash cycles, delicate cycles and intensive cycles, with some featuring intelligent systems that are capable of adjusting electricity and water consumption depending on the size of the load.

Noise levels can also be controlled via different settings and cycles, which is always a useful feature to have if the washing machine is positioned in an open plan area or you prefer to do washing at night.

Energy Rating

As with all appliances, it is important to check the energy rating when choosing a model. Energy performance grading is rated between A+++ and D with A being most economical.


For further information on appliances, make sure to contact our Roma team!


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